Does McDonalds have apple pay

Does McDonalds have apple pay. Within the weekend we’ve step by step the way Apple and retailers have been finding. Your way through Apple Purchase, the i-phone Touch and 6 ID-secured phone payment system. Launch right as this week, for example, the installation process through Passbook. At this time, Apple Pay will soon likely probably be encouraged by several restaurants. Retailers and more for example McDonald’s that intend to even accept Apple Purchase in the i-phone 6 in the drive-through.

The procedure for playing along with your own $650 + smartphone in a fast-food. Drive-through might be insecure in case you have at delivering. Your own i-phone into the window. However McDonald’s training stuff (received by 9to5Mac and found previously ) for taking mobile payments. For example, Apple Pay series employees as an alternative stretching card subscriber to clients from the drive.

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